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The Viana Hotel and Spa is a unique oasis in the desert of cookie cutter hotels. The word Viana is made up from the word visiones, meaning vision, and the word dian, meaning peace and love. For us, that is what Viana is, a vision of peace and love.

LEED certified when built, Viana is an environmentally friendly property, with solar panels for partial power, use of cutting-edge HVAC, controls, and lighting. Materials throughout the hotel have high recycled content. Water systems cut usage everywhere but our showers. Even our refuse is recycled.

But we are more than just green. Viana is specifically designed to create a personal connection with each guest. To achieve this goal, design principles of Feng Shui were used throughout the entire property. Specific emotions are created depending on where you are and what you’re doing. If you are in our spa or our beds, you are made to relax.  If you are at your in-room desk or our Boardroom you are made to feel powerful. Every space is designed for an emotional connection. Our front desk is even made for sit down service so you can be addressed directly and personally. Our team is equally trained to provide personal care to individual guests at each moment.

All of our outlets, from the Spa to our Marco Polo Restaurant, have been created for a unique experience. 

Marco Polo, named after the famed traveler who went from Italy to China and back, is a fusion of Italian and Asian cuisine. The menu has items like Pesto dumplings and Steak Diane with Chinese mustard. Penne alla Sake and Kung Pao Chicken have become fan favorites. Our bar’s affiliation is only to quality and variety; all provided by friendly faces who care to impress each time.

Our spa only uses paraben free products. We do several different styles of massage, a variety of skin care work, wet wraps, and organic spray tans. Health shared with beauty at every turn. We get whole parties ready for their wedding, and just as effortlessly host pajama parties and couple’s treatments.  We have become a local favorite and have a very dedicated clientele.

So for the truly unique Boutique hotel experience that is at peace with your palette, your senses, your health and the world around us; Viana is where you need to be.